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She's one of the elite. She's my oilfield wife.

A calfhide being stretched by 6 large rocks that are attatched to pulleys on the wall. There is a yellow glyph painted on the hide.

Maddin Creek (deconstructed cave painting)

Unfired radioactive clay on a glass cakestand stuck with 6000 glass needles

Coldwater Creek Effigy

a 20 foot long strip of sod branded with large letters spelling "THE DOG IS DEAD". The grass is mostly on the ground, but also hangs over a low wall, like a long rug laid over a fence


A vintage aquarium with chrome sides is supported on a table with thin metal legs. It has 6 petridishes inside, each with mold growing on them

UV-C Sketch II

A large glass cloche with a flat top. On top is a ring of charcoal powder piled high. Inside, there is one petridish growing a species of pennecillin.

 UV-C Sketch I

4 plates of agar filled petri dishes are placed next to a frosted window.

Bacterial Self Portrait

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