I’ve read 300 pages of federal regulatory code to find a way to legally buy yellowcake uranium as an unemployed 23-year-old. It’s also true that several of my paintings have been incinerated by an EPA hazmat team. 


I have an almost neurotic curiosity about the world. Factfinding and click holes entertain me as much as TV. Consequentially, my artwork often centers on a captivating fact I’ve stumbled across and expands outward to incorporate complicated materials and misunderstood subject matter that lies beyond everyday familiarity. Things like radiation, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, germs, GMOs, and even narcotics are all fascinating and relatively unnerving. While often considered outright dangerous, I present these technologies as complex tools—able to be used for both good and bad.


Elegant and striking visuals in my work function as an icebreaker for deeper engagement with these topics. I utilize sleek, modern, and minimal materials, often employing repetition and symmetry in my hybridized paintings in addition to strategic flashes of supersaturation. 


Connor Dolan is an artist born in Miami, Florida and currently resides in Missouri where he is pursuing a degree at Washington University in St. Louis. He incorporates portraiture, abstraction, and sculpture into his practice. His creations are scientific and research heavy, but aesthetic forward. Connor works with dangerous and hard-to-obtain materials, leading him to communicate with the EPA, OSHA, and the National Radiation Commission as well as a network of anonymous overseas suppliers. His work has been shown at Bruno David Gallery in Clayton and Des Lee Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri; Sapien Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri; Zero Empty Spaces Gallery in Hallandale, Florida; Bona Gallery, Tedd’s ART Works, and The Manor in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He will attend the Residency Project @ 1303 in Silverton Colorado in June 2022.